A Ferrari F430 Spider is being loaded onto the flatbed following a car wash event in Markham, Ontario when disaster strikes

Here is a video that will cause you to weep with the knowledge that Ferrari owners like this exist. A group of men are filmed doing their best here to get a Ferrari F430 Spider onto a flatbed truck. The entire video is just a one-minute-twenty-second-long example of what not to do when loading up an exotic for transport.

The Ferrari is being loaded onto the flatbed following a car wash event in Markham, Ontario, just north of Toronto. The guilty parties (according to sources was the vehicle owner) attempt to drive the convertible Ferrari up two ramps that are angled far too dramatically for this low-slung vehicle. A power lift or proper flatbed tow vehicle would have made a lot more sense for an exotic as expensive as this Ferrari.

Worse yet, the driver and his cohorts seem to think using the car's brute power will be enough to get the vehicle onto the flatbed. Although the Ferrari would likely smash into the other cars on the truck once it got past the ramps, it's a moot point once the ramps fall right off the truck, leaving the drop-top half-on, half-off the flatbed. Clearly whoever set up the ramps never rented a U-Haul truck before, and was unaware of the tabs that would have otherwise kept them securely in place.

Luckily, no one seems to be injured, including one man who placed his hand dangerously close to the Ferrari's rear driver's side wheel when the ramps fell. It looks like the car suffered a far worse fate, and based on the clearly audible crunching of metal during the video, we'd hate to see this Ferrari F430's undercarriage.

While avoiding this scenario likely would have been obvious to many, clearly the men captured on this video needed a serious education in how not to tow a car of this calibre. It's a difficult lesson to learn, but hopefully it's a mishap they can avoid in the future.

Video: Jonny Rsx Weber via Toronto Car Meet & Event Calendar on FACEBOOK
Photos: Sharad Khan via Toronto Car Meet & Event Calendar on FACEBOOK

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