Everyone’s a hero in a group setting. Until someone crashes and burns.

This past Sunday, things got very interesting on the streets of Mississauga, ON west of Toronto as a gang of well over a hundred sportbike riders let a group ride get out of control. It’s unclear if the ride started off with the intent of breaking highway traffic laws or if it was something that just developed as egos grew and risks escalated during the ride, which ended in a fiery crash.

What is seen in the video are riders who en masse rode between other vehicles, doing what’s known as lane-splitting, which is illegal in Ontario (and all of Canada for that matter). They ran countless red lights, which seemingly went uncontested by other motorists on the road (insert joke about polite Canadian drivers here). As seen in the video, and as reported by eye witnesses, some riders were also doing wheelies, endos and engaging in reckless forms of stunt riding.

Police reported that many of these riders didn’t have plates on their bikes and the ones that did had their plates obstructed from view.

Both Peel Regional Police and Toronto Police were made aware of the riders throughout the day by multiple callers who had reported what they were witnessing on the roads.

Unconfirmed reports say that police cruisers were spotted tailing the group at certain points, but it seemed officers were not engaging the gang of motorcyclists. Typically police won’t engage this type of behaviour immediately as the mob mentality in such situations can easily lead to far greater danger to the general public should they evade police.


Toronto Motorcycle Gang

The scoop

Speaking to an unnamed source, Motor1 Canada was given alleged reports that the group ride began in the west end of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and that this wasn’t the first group ride that broke laws as of late. Over the past few weeks these riders, albeit in much smaller numbers, were out in similar fashion.

According to the same source, some of the riders are experienced bikers, and even stunt riders who usually practice their skills in closed, private venues.

This Sunday however, the ride consisted of a much larger group, with some of the individuals possibly novice riders with fresh motorcycle licences (or none at all). It was also alleged that the group included a number of stolen and black market bikes that were unregistered, and in some instances would even have had their VIN numbers removed.

At present, the only reported traffic incident to arise from this mass chaos is two bikers that saw their ride end in a fiery crash according to CityNews. When emergency services and police arrived on the scene, the riders were nowhere to be found.

Authorities are investigating the crash and the illegal activities over the weekend at this time.

Source: InSauga

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