Video of what could have been record damages in expensive collector car crash.

UPDATE: The Ferrari was crashed into later during the RAC Tourist Trophy in an unfortunate and ironic incident with an AC Cobra. Watch video here.

We've all had those heart-in-throat, pucker-up moments at the track, but we have to admit the incident here is on another level. These two extremely rare collector cars were engaged in a battle at the 2016 Goodwood Revival and one sketchy on-track move almost totalled a piece of racing history... or two of them. Racing fans around the world, are about to cringe at a video that may be brief but truly a classic Jaguar versus Ferrari battle you will not soon forget.

The stage was the 2016 Goodwood Revival where classic cars recreate vintage racing magic on the Goodwood circuit. While there is a tendency to sandbag a little considering some of these rare race cars are worth $10s-of-millions, the dogfights do heat up as the "red mist" rolls in. And we can't get enough of wealthy owners pushing their vintage race cars to the limit, but what one ambitious driver of a Jaguar E-Type lightweight did is inconceivable considering he almost smoked the multi-million dollar 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO in attendance.

Valued at around $39 million USD, the V12-powered Ferrari 250 GTO looked like it was maintaining a slightly wider line around a right-hander.

Valued at around $39 million USD, the V12-powered 250 GTO looked like it was maintaining a slightly wider line around a right-hander. The Jaguar E-Type, however, brakes late and tries to dive on the inside without much room. Shocker, the vintage 1960's in all of their narrow sloppy glory get loose and the E-Type starts articulating sideways. Slowly at first, then the Jag goes full-90 and almost crashes into the Ferrari.

Thankfully, the full sideways motion scrubbed off enough speed to prevent what would have been this year's best viral video of all time, getting automotive media sites millions of clicks. But seriously, site traffic aside, we're glad it didn't happen and all parties walked away from this one. Although we can't say the Jag owner would be walking after having some words in the pits was it our Ferrari. Relax, don't get famous for the wrong reasons. 

Speaking of relaxing, the driver of the #4 Ferrari 250 GTO couldn't catch a break during the RAC Tourist Trophy race at Goodwood Revival when an overzealous driver of an AC Cobra also tried to be a hero on the inside and failed. After the crash, both classic racers went off course as damage was sustained to both rare beasts.

Seems at all levels, everyone is gunning for Ferrari.

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