After sitting dormant for 20 years, this Jaguar E-Type is ready to drive again.

For the past two decades, this Jaguar has been sitting untouched. It’s a 1972 E-Type, and most would agree that a car this beautiful should never go for so long without being on the road. Thankfully, that’s all about to change when it goes up for auction at the Classic Car Auctions’ sale at the Warwickshire Exhibition Center later this month.

The roadster features a yellow exterior finish and a surprisingly clean black leather interior. Being a Series III V12, it’s the last generation of the iconic E-Type that Jaguar offered before being discontinued in 1975, and features an original 5.3-litre V12 that would produce 272 horsepower when brand new. Don't forget standard power steering.

This example was first registered on November 3rd, 1972, and bought by a Carlisle-based chemist in 1976, before it was passed on to his wife in 1982. From there, it sat for over 20 years in a garage on the property.

The car was taken out of storage in 2007 - 25 years after it was first registered - and gifted to the son of the two previous owners for his 30th birthday in February of that year. “My dad loved cars and race days,” says the current owner and son of the original owner. “It will be sad to see the car go but now it can be brought back to life and enjoyed, as it should be.”

With all the original bodywork, interior components, and engine remaining, this E-Type has just 43,285 miles (69,660 kilometres) on the odometer since new, and should make a nice project for someone willing to spend the cash. It’s expected to fetch between £35,000 - £40,000 (approx. $60,000 - $69,000) when it heads to auction on September 24th.

Source: Classic Car Auctions

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