GeigerCars of Germany gave the already powerful Dodge Charger Hellcat even more.

Let's be honest - 707 horsepower is plenty enough for any car, no matter which way you slice it. But for reasons that defy the laws of physics and sensibility, tuners insist on shoving even more power under the hoods of the Dodge Challenger and Charger Hellcat. One German tuner recently released its version of a more potent Charger Hellcat with 782 horsepower.

GiegerCars of Germany - the same company responsible for the hellish 765-horsepower Viper ACR - are the ones responsible for this new breed of Charger Hellcat. The already monstrous 6.2-litre supercharged V8 has been upgraded to now produce 782 horsepower and 687 pound-feet of torque, making it a serious quarter-mile machine.

The extra oomph is in part thanks to a stainless steel sports exhaust system with valve control, a free-flow air cleaner, and an ECU software remap. From a dead stop, it will hit 100 kilometres per hour (62 miles per hour) in just 3.6 seconds with the standard eight-speed automatic transmission affixed, and continue on to a top speed of 330 km/h (205 mph).

GeigerCars Dodge Charger Hellcat

Changes to the exterior come by way of new gloss black Geiger alloy wheels that give the package a slightly more aggressive look. Those new wheels come wrapped in 265/30ZR22 and 295/25ZR22 tires, and a coilover suspension brings the whole package a bit lower to the ground. Not to mention the screamin’ green paint job and Hellcat graphics, a €4,900 (approx. $7,200 CAD) option - though you can opt for a standard, less outlandish look.

But all that extra power doesn’t come without extra costs. Current Charger Hellcat owners can tack on the engine modifications for a cool €7,900 (approx. $11,600 CAD). Add the wheels for another €5,900 (approx. $8,600 CAD), and the suspension for €4,900 (approx. $7,200 CAD), and that’s a total of €18,700 (approx. $27,500 CAD) in modifications. Those who don’t already have a Hellcat in their driveway can pick up a completed package directly from GeigerCars for €110,500 (approx. $160,000 CAD). 

Source: GeigerCars

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