It seems the Greater Toronto Area is having a bit of a crisis with violent, stunting bikers, and some motorists are starting to retaliate.

UPDATE: New video has surfaced of the events leading up to the biker road rage incident and possible instigation by Volkswagen Golf Driver. 

In the second widely reported occurrence of bikers out of control this month, a gang of sportbike riders are alleged to have assaulted a woman, damaged a car and may have even contributed to its fiery crash. That doesn’t even cover the countless Highway Traffic Act violations by the motorcycle riders who according to police, were also stunting and riding dangerously.

The incident took place around 11:00 PM, Thursday night. A car, identified as a black Volkswagen Golf, attempted to overtake a group of riders that were blocking lanes travelling westbound on Highway 401 near Dixie Road in Mississauga, Ontario.

Speaking to City News OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said about the bikers, “They were going across all lanes of traffic, slowing down, doing wheelies, performing stunts, and so on.”


What followed was a verbal altercation between the riders and the male and female occupants of the car. According to a report given to City News, the woman said ““My boyfriend [the driver] pulled up next to them and I rolled down the window and told them to move. [The motorcyclist] told me to f*** off, so I did the same. Two seconds later he’s three inches away from my window – He could have brushed my hair that’s how close he was – going 100 kilometres an hour on a motorcycle. He takes his fist and smashes my right window off. I told my boyfriend to get off at Dixie Road because I was freaking out."

The car and the bikers proceeded to exit the highway at Dixie Road where they pulled over. According to OPP Sgt. Schmidt, the occupants in the car and the bikers escalate their altercation and it becomes physical.

Although details are unclear, it appears at this point the woman was struck by one of the riders. “He turned around and knocked me unconscious on the off-ramp,” she said.

At this time the male had gotten back in the car and had driven off along with the riders. A little while later the car is said to have lost control in a corner and climbed a concrete embankment and flipped on its roof and caught fire. Bystanders on Aerowood Drive where the crash took place helped the male driver out and he escaped the burning car with only minor injuries from the crash.

Police are still investigating the incident, including determining who initiated the high speed chase that led to the crash. Regardless of who’s at fault here for that part, we can’t exactly say that leaving your injured woman passenger behind is the chivalrous move.


Schmidt emphasized that "We don't want people getting involved with other motorists. If you see a problem on the highway, call 911."

The search for the bikers who were wearing all black and riding motorcycles without licence plates is still on by Peel Regional police. The only charges in the incident have been laid against the 22 year old male driver of the car, who had a suspended licence and was currently on probation. He has been charged with several offences under the Highway Traffic Act and a drug-related charge.


Photo: CityNews Toronto via Twitter

Source: 680 News, CP24, CBC

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