Better, and yet, also worse.

Part of what makes the BMW i8 look so radically futuristic is its tri-color exterior. The one we recently reviewed, for example, combines white, black, and blue tones in a very interesting way. But what happens when you take the metallic finish away and just paint the whole thing matte gray? That's what German Special Customs did. Among other things.

This isn't the first time we've seen GSC's work, and not the company's first take on the i8, either. Admittedly, this one looks way better than the iTron from 2014, and if you take away the weird blue wheels, this new i8 actually looks kind of cool.

"When the production BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid was presented at the IAA 2013, onlookers were surprised at how little its design had altered from the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car shown four years earlier," GSC says in its press release. Of course, we're not sure that's actually true, but if you're one of those people who has apparently been complaining about the i8 not being more aggressive, the GSC treatment should do the trick. The revised front fascia has more prominent air intakes, and the ride height is lower than the stock car. Of course, there are also those shiny blue metallic wheels that, uh, sure do make a statement.

Interior tweaks are few and far between. The leather seats are now black, and there's blue Alcantara trim found throughout. It's not super gaudy or anything – if you like the existing i8 interior, you'll like this one just as well.

German Special Customs doesn't say anything about any performance updates, though the lower ride height and larger wheels/tires surely affect handling a bit. Even so, the i8 isn't exactly a slowpoke, and the more aggressive rubber and stance might make it drive a bit more like a sports car than just a quick hybrid.

See the one-off i8 in the gallery below, and scroll beyond that for GSC's press blast.


Source: German Special Customs

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