It's all fun and games until the cops shine a flashlight through your steamy car windows.

As any teenager can attest, sometimes there is no time to wait and plan a lovely couples evening. In certain situations, you need to go with the flow. Sometimes, that means finding a 24-hour sushi shop, picking up food for two, and finding a nice spot to dine under the stars. Other times, it means driving up to a secluded spot, moving to the back seat of your car, and getting your freak on.

But from a legal standpoint, how much can you do in your car with your sweetheart?

Not much, unfortunately. Pretty much every single sex act in a car – both with someone or alone – would fall into the ''Indecent Exposure'' category, which is a punishable offense in Canada.

But that is only if you get caught in a place where someone can see you.

Yes, if you can find a spot where nobody is capable of seeing you, it is actually legal to have sex in your car.

Believe it or not, there is actually a legal precedent for this: in 1981, a judge dismissed the charges against a Vancouver couple found with their pants down in a car by police officers. The judge said that because of the car's location and the fact that they were caught at night, they did not want to be found. Because of this, what they did wasn't technically indecent exposure since there wasn't anybody to expose themselves to.

So if you want to use the back seat of your vehicle (or the front, if you are lucky enough to own something with a bench seat!) as an exotic alternative to a bedroom, you actually can. Just make sure you find a spot where the neighbours or the cops won't come and bother you. After that, everything you do in that car falls into a grey zone.


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But if you want to make sure your in-car fantasies are completely legal, here is a tip: park the car in your garage before going at it.


Photo: Ravena July | Weddings on Flickr


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