Leaving the nest is tricky business but here is a guide to the best 4-wheel movers out there.

Looking for the best vehicle to help you move to and from College and University? Leaving the nest is tricky business, and you want to make sure you can bring everything you need with you to make the transition from parental supervision to university life as seamless as possible. Usually, that means as much cargo room as you can get - but as you may have discovered while packing, not all boxes are created equal.

Let's take a quick look at the five best vehicles (we think) for moving to and from your education destination.

1. Toyota Sienna




This is it. The master of all movers, the champion hauler, the king of curbside pickup. The Toyota Sienna narrowly edges out rivals like the Dodge Grand Caravan, the Honda Odyssey, and the Kia Sedona with a whopping 4,237 litres of cargo space available. Fold down the second and third rows and you'll swallow more gear than any full-size SUV you can find. You can thank the minivan's traditional box-like proportions for its amazing carrying capability - those right angles really help when squeezing everything in.

2. Ford F-150 Regular Cab


2016 Ford F-150


Why a regular cab? Well, ordering the three-seat version of the Ford F-150 full-size pickup ensures that you'll be able to tack on the longest cargo bed available on the Blue Oval options list. Measuring a full 8-feet (2.42 metres) in length, it's one and a half feet longer than what you'd find on a SuperCrew truck (although if you're a glutton for parking punishment, you can fit it on the somewhat smaller SuperCab, too). Just remember that if you go the pickup route, you're going to have to make sure to tie everything down so that you don't leave a trail of furniture-sized bread crumbs all the way to university.

3. Chevrolet Suburban




While the Chevrolet Suburban might not be able to match any of the current crop of minivans when it comes to total interior storage space, it does come up strong when facing off against other full-size SUVs. There are 3,446 litres of room available inside the Chevrolet Suburban that you can stuff with whatever you might need to move into your dorm, and the most recent model's fold-flat rear seating makes it easy to configure the truck to take advantage of its generous cabin.

4. Subaru Forester




The Subaru Forester steps in as a compact SUV that packs a surprisingly useful 2,115 litres of cargo space with the rear row out of the picture. Not as big and brash as the Suburban, the Forester is still a popular moving companion due to its go-anywhere all-wheel drive setup and its square design that means you won't be struggling to fill every nook and cranny with weirdly-shaped boxes in order to get everything to fit.

5. Volkswagen Golf SportWagen


Volkswagen's Golf wagon gets new name for third straight year


Not all moves are huge. Maybe you're practicing the art of Zen as you de-clutter your life and start anew in your new university dorm? Maybe your roommate simply takes up too much space? Or perhaps you're driving halfway across the country, and fuel economy is as important as interior volume when choosing your pack mule? Whatever the reasons for your smaller move, the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen has you covered, what with its 1,897 litres of storage space with the rear seats folded forward. You'll notice that's close to being a match for the larger Subaru Forester, proving that sometimes, small packages can be deceiving.



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